Alcohol Electric Vehicle

Pick of Startups [from events marked with  ]
  • Aiways - Alcohol fuel-cell EV TusStar post title
  • ArborLake - Digital investment banking TusStar
  • Hoyen - NFC+BLE+WiFi IoT NAYE
  • GreenMeter - Private electric metering NAYE
  • Planitics - Mobile plant health diagnostics SAP
  • Firegent - Transform documents into data SAP
  • Foodabox - Paper food packaging MAP
  • Kettlebowl - Fitness through food MAP
  • TraySeeder - 20x faster seed planting MAP post image
  • 42Lab - Biotech lab for students HBS
  • GemVCare - Genetic evaluation for diabetes HBS
  • Homade - Affordable catering GnB
  • Populix - Find participants for studies GnB

Pick of Events (W4-Sep-2018)

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Link How to List on LEAP @  KualaLumpur info
Link How to File Legal ICOs @ KualaLumpur
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Link Influencer Festival @ KualaLumpur tix
Link WeWork Hip Hop @ KualaLumpur news
Link How to Use IoT in Factories @ KL tix
Link Trans-Pacific Partnership @ KualaLumpur tix
Link Higher Education & IR4  @ KualaLumpur also
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Link Statisticians vs Data Scientists @ SG
Link Asian Entrepreneurship @ Bangkok info tix

Literature & Art
Link The Fault in Our Stars @ KualaLumpur info
Link The Ministry of Utmost Happiness @ KL info
Link Solaris @ Singapore info
Link Andura Outbreak TR3K @ KualaLumpur
Link Debate Competition @ KualaLumpur tix
Link Urban Acupuncture @ KualaLumpur tix
Link Solar Decathlon Home @ KualaLumpur info
Link Halal Food Fest @ KualaLumpur
Link Coffee & Art Fringe @ KualaLumpur
Link Grow the Goose @ KualaLumpur tix
Link Dining in 2030 @ HongKong

Hackathons & Demo Days
Link FinTech @ KualaLumpur
Link Hardware @ KualaLumpur
Link Unchained Data @ KualaLumpur
Link Open Data @ KualaLumpur
Link Telecoms @ KualaLumpur
Link Sustainability @ KualaLumpur
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Link LawTech @ Velocity vid
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Link Public Good @ Singapore
Link Food Security @ Singapore info
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Link [No Theme] @ Cyberjaya
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Link SAP Demo @ KualaLumpur tix 
Link MAP Demo @ Cyberjaya tix 
Link HBS Demo @ HongKong tix 
Link GNB Demo @ Jakarta tix 

Distributed Ledger
Link Inthanon: Official Thai Coin @ Bangkok info
Link Blockchain Experiences @ KualaLumpur tix
Link Asset Tokenization @ HongKong info
Link Ethereum Truffle @ Starling info