USD 10,000 Funding From Y-Combinator

Y Combinator's Starup School is running a free, 10-week (approx 2 months) online course starting August 28th, 2018. The top 100 graduates will receive an equity-free funding of USD 10,000, a video interview with a YC partner and help in getting into YC's accelerator. Startups will also receive USD 50,000 in credits towards Digital Ocean, AWS and other services. Closing date for applying for the online course is August 13th (presumably by Monday, 11:59 pm California time = 2:59 pm, Tuesday, August 14th, KL/SG GMT+8 time). The curriculum includes:
  • Startup Wisdom - Paul Graham, Y Combinator
  • Building an Engineering Team - Harj Taggar, TripleByte
  • Sales from Zero to a Million - Tyler Bosmeny, Clever
  • The Path to $100 Billion - Paul Buchheit, Y Combinator

Pick of Startups via YC batch S17 & W18
In contrast with ICO sites, YC startup sites are generally understated, possibly because the startups are just starting off, focused on development, or are keeping some of their cards close to their chests.
  • Dharma - Tokenized savings accounts, municipal bonds, CDOs
  • OpenSea - Crypto collectibles (like collecting paintings and stamps)
  • Hexel - Easily create a digital currency, store and ewallet
  • SafetyWing - Insurance for digital nomads
  • Sudden - Instant coffee that is better than Starbucks coffee
  • SuperMedium - VR browser for the immersive web
  • Repl - Browser based IDE
  • Voicery - Realistic computer generated voices
  • Piccolo - Gesture recognition (eg. for device control)
  • Momentus - Water-plasma space rocket
  • Carrot - Fertility benefits for companies
  • Flowspace - Airbnb for warehousing
  • FatLlama - P2P rental marketplace for high-value items

Pick of Events (W5-Aug-2018)
Picks are released extra early this week because of YC's application due date.

Link Gazelles vs Unicorns @ Singapore
Link Artisan Entrepreneurship @ HongKong
Link Strategic Marketing @ Bangkok tix
Link Creative Pitch @ Penang
Link Publishers vs Agencies @ KualaLumpur tix
Link Cloud Adoption @ KualaLumpur
Link Customs SST @ KualaLumpur
Link EY Smart City @ KualaLumpur

Link Diverse City @ KualaLumpur
Link Lipstick @ KualaLumpur info
Link Poetry Tipple @ KualaLumpur
Link Gastro Currency @ KualaLumpur info
Link Kongsi Gelap Kolab @ KualaLumpur

Link Social Business @ KualaLumpur
Link Zero Carbon @ KualaLumpur
Link EU Expansion @ KualaLumpur tix

Link Grey is the New Black @ HongKong
Link Flight Hackathon @ Singapore
Link Fintech Hackathon @ Singapore

Human Capital
Link HR Disrupt @ KualaLumpur tix
Link HR Breakfast @ KualaLumpur
Link HR Gamification @ KualaLumpur
Link Employee Experience @ KualaLumpur
Link Boss of The Future @ KualaLumpur
Link Future of Work @ Singapore