McKinsey of Blockchain

[We thought we would give crypto events a break this week.] In a previous post, we highlighted how Tripp (VN), a tour aggregator, sought to bypass intermediaries (Expedia, Agoda, Facebook, Google) between tourists and tour providers. At a glance, Tripp seems to intend to do this by being an Expedia themselves, a goto destination for tours, but with lower friction, better service and higher payouts. Similarly, Mfun (ID), a gaming platform (vid) aims to bring publishers and gamers closer together by rewarding gamers. Like Tripp, Mfun has gained some traction in signing up a number of Indonesian game publishers. Watch as Mfun's head of communications, Kerenina Sunny Halim, a former Miss Indonesia, gives a sunny introduction to Mfun. Mfun is presenting tomorrow, Wed, 15 Aug 2018, 6:30pm, @ KualaLumpur. [FYI only, listing is not endorsement, caveat emptor.]

Crypto Events (Aug-Sep 2018)
Link Smart Contracts & Solidity @ KualaLumpur (Gratis)
Link Crypto Performance Report @ KualaLumpur (Gratis)
Link Introduction to Blockchain @ KualaLumpur (Gratis)
Link R3 Corda Blockchain @ KualaLumpur (Gratis)
Link Crypto Risks & Scams @ KualaLumpur (Gratis)
Link Miscellaneous Coins @ KualaLumpur (Gratis)
Link Making Blockchain Real @ Singapore (Gratis)
Link Crypto Mobile Payments @ Singapore (Gratis)
Link Hitachi Blockchain @ Singapore (Gratis)
Link Borneo Blockchain @ KotaKinabalu (USD 20) tix
Link Crypto Communities @ HongKong (USD 90)
Link Token Economy Framework @ KualaLumpur (USD 100)
Link Ethereum Bootcamp + Hackathon @ KualaLumpur (USD 122)
Link Spot Good Blockchain from Bad @ KualaLumpur (USD 200)
Link Towards a McKinsey of Blockchain @ Azerbaijan (USD 235) post title
Link Blockchain: Disruptor of Industries @ KualaLumpur (USD 400)
Link Coindesk Consensus: State of Blockchain @ SG (USD 1600) promo: CONSENSUS40