Kimi o Nosete

Tonari no Totoro | My Neighbour Totoro

Kimi o Nosete | Carrying You from Castle in the Sky

The MPO [poster] will be touring Johor on the 3rd of September 2018 [tix] and Melaka on the 5th of September [tix] playing compositions from from Mozart, Vivian Chua and Joe Hisaishi. The teasers above are music scores by Joe Hisaishi for animated films and are part of MPO's programme for the tour. MPO will also playing in Singapore on the 1st of September [tix]. On the theme of baldies, soloist Don Bowyer together with the SPO and SPYO will be peforming at Sunway on the 8th of September [tix].

Pick of Events (W2-Sep-2018)
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