Electric Vehicles 2018

With surging demand for electric vehicles (EV), major motor shows like the Geneva Motor Show are still mainly internal combustion orientated with EVs participating in consumer electronics shows like CES instead. Given this, here's a sneak online EV expo:

Electric Cars 

Electric Transport
Current car designs are driver centered (vs society orientated) and not very green. A driver weighing 70 kg drives a 2500 kg SUV around town with seats and boot empty and with an engine powerful enough to haul the SUV and a full load of passengers and luggage. Newer car designs trend towards cosiness, sharing, zero-emissions, lesser environmental impact, utililisation over idleness, automatic driving, coordination, efficiency, flexible usage and safety.

Light Electric
An alternative to driverless or smart transport is to make the vehicle minimalist and lightweight, as in mopeds (electric assisted bikes with pedals) and scooters (either Vespa-like electric bikes or standing, small-wheeled, skateboard-like ebikes). Usually limited to 30 mph (50 kmh) for legal reasons, mopeds and scooters are ideal as first and last mile complements to mass transit. In Europe, ebikes sales are brisk.

Electric Buses
At the other end of the scale are buses, the group alternative to personal transport.