Adtech Hacking

Paper and Toast is hosting an Adtech Startup Weekend this weekend [Fri, 5pm, Aug 17 - Sun, 9pm, Aug 19, 2018 @ Kuala Lumpur info | tix]. They (plus a team of interns and volunteers) have managed to enlist a stellar cast of mentors, speakers and judges:

Mentors, Speakers, Judges, Facilitators
  • Ahmad Shah, CTO, Ombré Fashion Styling App
  • Aik Chong Phuah, CTO, Astro Broadcaster
  • AJ Azizul, CEO, We Are VM Analog & Digital Agency
  • Aman Kapoor, VP, Technology Architecture, Astro Broadcaster
  • Caroline Wong, Head of Commercial, Yellow Porter Logistics
  • Catherine Yap, Co-Founder, Travelight Logistics
  • Frank J Peter, Principal Trainer, Skills Academy Training
  • Hua Wang, CEO, SmartBridge Accessible Healthcare
  • Imran Sheik, Founder & CEO, Ombré Fashion Styling App
  • Indhran Seghar, CEO, Sunshine Digital Online Services
  • Issac Ng, CTO, Surge Data Science & Machine Learning
  • Julian Yong, General Manager, Thriving Talents Training
  • Karthik Karunanithy, Partnership Lead, Google Technology
  • Khairul Izuan, CEO, Algomecs Algorithmic Trading
  • Mahadhir Yunus, CEO, Krenovator IoT & Robotics
  • Mallory Loone, Lead Trainer, Thriving Talents Training
  • Marina Samsuri, Manager, Paper&Toast Coworking
  • Marlina Mansor, AVP, Branded Content, Astro Broadcaster
  • Mike Babiy, Product Lead, Vidi Travel
  • Mohd Hafiz Safie, Founder & CEO, Sparadise Leisure App
  • Mohd Reezan, General Manager, Remote Year Travel
  • Muhammad Iqbal Baharum, CTO, Eartistic Healthcare
  • Nowrid Amin, Digital Marketing Strategist, IQI Global Property
  • Richard Gorman, Co-Founder, Sunrise Home Schooling
  • Roger Wong, Head of Digital, Shock Media Digital Agency
  • Saiful Rizal Zainuddin, Manager, MaGIC Entrepreneurship
  • Sailesh Wadhwa, Chief Strategist, Edelman Home Furnishing
  • Sereyboth Van, Co-Founder & CTO, MotionsCloud Insurance logo
  • Soham Roy, Co-Founder, Expostores Blockchain
  • Stan Chew, Country Manager, Knorex Precision Marketing
  • Steven Tang, GM, Group Branding, EcoWorld Property
  • Syahril Anuar Idris, CTO, Krenovator IoT & Robotics
  • Vimal Kumar, CEO, Yellow Porter Logistics
  • Wan Imran, Director, Paper&Toast Coworking

Digital adtech has gone arcane, starting with CTR (click through rate), CPA (cost per acquisition), CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per thousand impressions), CPL (cost per lead), it has now acquired concepts like:
  • RTB - Real time bidding (real time ad buy eg upon you typing 'burger')
  • DSP - Demand side platform (for advertisers to buy ads in RTB)
  • SSP - Supply side platform (for publishers to sell inventory in RTB)
  • DMP - Data management plaform (data from cookies, trackers etc)
  • DCO - Dynamic creative optimization (auto personalized ad design)
  • Progammatic - Use of software to automatically buy and sell ads
  • AdExchanges - One plaform, multiple networks (Google, Facebook etc)

Adtech: Digital 1 2 3  sample startups
  • Beeswax - Robot for conducting RTB for sophsticated advertisers
  • YieldBot - Find customers at their greatest point of need
  • Celtra - Dynamic, real-time, automatic ad design
  • BounceX - De-anonymize marketing data
  • OpenSlate - Align ads to what a video (eg YouTube) is showing
  • Sprinklr - One system, multiple social channels (Facebook, Twitter etc)
  • Release - Instagram ambassador management system
  • AuraVision - Marketing insights from store-cam video of shoppers
  • PowerPost - Turn brands into publishers
  • StackAdapt - Native advertising: blend ads into content 

Adtech: Possibilities
Alternatives to directly joining the RTB tech arms race:
  • Transit - Aggregated ad buying across taxis, buses, trains, airplanes
  • Display - Programmable, real-time LED banner display for taxis
  • Billboards - Aggregated ad buying for billboards, street posters (vs ahlongs)
  • Inventory - Low cost ad buying models (early-bird, spare inventory etc)
  • Facility - Indirectly advertise by helping others (eg friendly mall directory)