The Sales and Services Tax

The UTAR Centre for Extension Education (CEE) will be conducting a complimentary Sales and Services Tax (SST) seminar on August, 17th, 2018, 2:30pm - 4:30pm @ KualaLumpur. [ tix ] The presenters are Yap Wai Onn, CA and Leong May Yi, CPA. Faculty of Accountancy and Management, UTAR. Possible topics and questions:
  • Which businesses will be required to collect tax?
  • Will there be a threshold (the GST threshold was RM 500K)?
  • What is the grace period to get tax collection in order?
  • Is software goods (10% tax) or services (6% tax) or both? 
  • If sofware is goods, will clients benefit moving to subscription or SaaS?
  • In ecommerce, are shipping and handling counted as services?
  • If a seller raise prices within x months, will he or she be collared?
  • Will foreign sellers have to collect tax?