Startup Picks: H1 2018 (Accelerators)

Barclays Unreasonable Impact (HK) info
  • Ampere - Electric bikes, trikes, scooters trolleys and buggies 
  • GridComm - Turn street lamps into a city wide IoT network 
  • LeafResources - Turn biomass into sugars

Betatron Accelerator (HK) info demoday
  • PatentBot - Check and register IP (trademarks, copyright etc) via a chatbot
  • OxPeckerLabs - Skin sensors to monitor hydration & body temperature
  • CryptAM - Investment fund that tracks the top 25 cryptocurrencies

Cradle Startup Fund (MY) info
  • Furley - ODM and OEM bioextracts
  • Mediven - Test kits for dengue, zika, malaria, cholera etc
  • Zymeratics - Custom-made industrial enzymes

Cyberview Living Lab (MY) info
  • Touchless - Parking via vehicle plate recognition
  • IdeasSparq - Autonomous guided vehicles for factories
  • MedKad - Smartphone based medical card

DBS-NUS Social Venture Challenge (SG) info
  • Desolenator - Solar desalinator 
  • PayItFoward - Favour exchange network (vs FB's news. selfies, memes etc)
  • ATEC - Biodigester that turns leftovers into cooking gas

EBAN Sofia 2018 (RO) info
  • Dronamics - Small, autonomous planes (= small, inexpensive airports)
  • Ekofolio - ICO for investing in sustainable forests
  • Wohwagon - Self-sustaining, off-the-grid housing

Echelon 2018 Awardees (SG) info
  • TreeDots - Monetising sub-prime food 
  • Yomee - Gadget that inputs milk and outputs yogurt
  • WebTotem - Domain monitoring

French Accelerator (FR) info
  • Telcoin - A telco issued coin for roaming, payment, remittances etc
  • Clay - Gesture recognition (computer vision swiping etc, no device needed)
  • Love - Bring vinyl records into the smartphone era

German Accelerator (DE) info
  • Mitte - Turn water into mineral water (by filtering & adding minerals)
  • Oculyze - Turn phones into microscopes with auto image recognition
  • SimScale - Browser-based simulation of fluid dynamics etc

Infiniti Lab (CA) info
  • DriveHer - Ride sharing by women for women
  • Clutch - Test drive cars without the (pesky) salesperson [slow loading]
  • Acerta - Analysis and machine learning of automotive shopfloor data

MaGIC Global Accelerator (MY) info
  • Heal - High protein beverage
  • Branch8 - Post once, sell on multiple marketplaces (Amazon, eBay etc)
  • VikingGarage - Motorbike rental

Propteq Participants (HK) info

SAP Tsinghua Trip Awardees info

SOW Asia Social Enteprise Accelerator (HK) info event
  • EcoMatcher - Help companies boost CSR by adopting trees 
  • RooftopRepublic - Turn rooftops into farms [javascript heavy]
  • HKRecycles - Seamless recycling service for businesses

University of Cambridge Accelerator (UK) info
  • Nūfood - Digitally design and 3D print food
  • Nuclera - Building genomes to engineer biology
  • Immaterial - Store gas in a sponge, not a tank

Y Combinator Winter 2018  (US) info demoday Winter=H1
Unpolished websites but the startups must have had substance to get into YC.
  • CognitionIP - AI-based patent drafting that is 2-4 times less expensive
  • Medumo - Prepare patients before they arrive; reduce cancellations by 50%
  • Nutrigene - Liquid vitamin supplements that are 10x better than pills