Langkawi versus Bali

Jetpack, Langkawi, Malaysia Link

ClockIn by AyalaLand, Manila, Philippines Link

SmartHub, Rockhampton, Australia Link

WeStart by Tencent, Hong Kong Link

The Coterie by QUT, Brisbane, Australia Link

Basestation, Tauranga, New Zealand Link

WorkIs, Hong Kong Link

Acceler8, Manila, Philippines Link

[Resident tabby @] ItWorks, Macau, China Link

[The post title refers to a topic in a forthcoming coworking forum.] August's free coworking day is tomorrow (Thursday). Since we last looked a couple of months ago, the informal free-coworking-first-Thursday-of-the-month alliance has added 18 members, 9 which are featured above. In other coworking news:
  • CoDining - Shared dining (order food delivery or BYO)
  • CoF&B - Shared restaurant (two or more restaurants in one location)
  • CoNursery - Shared childcare (coworking with nursery)
  • CoFacility - Shared public amenities (eg. metered washrooms)
  • CoGym - Turn gyms into coworking spaces (for fitness buff cowokers)
  • CoLiving - An uptick in startups (niche between hotels (day) & lease (year))
  • WeMarket - WeWork enters retail, markets tenants' products
  • WeConsult - WeWork becomes consultants, for enterprise coworking
  • WeEmploy - WeWork is New York City's largest private employer...
Over sharing? Perhaps not, businesses could be tuning into the next iteration of the sharing economy after the first iteration heralded the likes of Uber, Airbnb and WeWork.

Pick of Events (W3-Aug-2018)

Link Coworking: Langkawi or Bali @ KL
Link Digital Wednesday @ KualaLumpur
Link Solar Opportunities @ KualaLumpur
Link Cloud Security @ KualaLumpur tix
Link UX Centered Design @ KualaLumpur
Link Adtech Hackathon @ KualaLumpur
Link Animal Ophthalmology @ KualaLumpur
Link Employee UX @ KualaLumpur tix
Link Digital F&B @ KualaLumpur
Link Digital Economy @ KualaLumpur new
Link Employability Pitch @ KualaLumpur
Link Object Orientated Ninja @ Cyberjaya tix
Link Logistics as The Differentiator @ EcoCity
Link Holstein Cash Cow @ Johor
Link Artificial Intelligence @ Johor
Link Silicon Valley Women @ Johor
Link SME Conference @ Singapore
Link State of Robotics @ Singapore

Link Cities in Peril @ KualaLumpur
Link Transit Orientated @ KualaLumpur
Link Urban Agriculture @ KualaLumpur
Link SmartCity Econnerce @ KualaLumpur
Link Floating Farms @ Singapore
Link Transforming Transport @ Singapore
Link Future Cities @ HongKong
Link Property Tokenisation @ HongKong

Distributed Ledger
Link Distributed Apps Hackathon @ Cyberjaya tix
Link Smart Contracts for Noobs @ KualaLumpur
Link Open Source Ledger Corda @ KualaLumpur
Link Buy Contracts from Vending Machines @ Kuching