Middle East: From Oil to IO

ConnectTechAsia [CommunicaAsia + BroadcastAsia + NxtAsia, June 26-28, 2018 @ Singapore, tix] features summits and complimentary exhibitions, opening plenary and talks with topics including:
  • From Product to Product-as-a-Service - Seth Ryding, Telenor
  • 2018: The Year of IP Video - Kieran Kunhya, Open Broadcast Systems
  • New Generation of Visual Advertising - Vadim Tsitou, Kinomo
  • AI Curation of User Generated Content - Kenjiro Murakami, Spectee
  • Esports: Sports of the 21st Century - Frank Sliwka, ESL Gaming
  • Monetising OTT (Internet TV) - Gareth Jones, Inview
  • Retargeting and Measuring Gen Z & Millennials - Aaron Pinto, Astro
  • Machine Learning in Broadcast - Baskar Subramanian, Amagi
  • Smartcar as a Service - Beavan Chua, Quantum Inventions
  • 5G is Closer than You Think - Dudy Cohen, Ceragaon
  • Keep on Dreaming, Simply Streaming - Teresa Chou, Vas Creative
  • Stop Watching, Start Touching - Craig Vezina, Realcast video
  • Transformation of the Middle East: From Oil to IO - Craig Smith, DTVC title

Pick of Events (W5-Jun-2018)
Link Standardised Contracts @ KualaLumpur
Link CEO Forum @ KualaLumpur
Link Ecommerce Trends @ KualaLumpur
Link LinkedIn Meetup @ KualaLumpur
Link Prestashop Meetup @ KualaLumpur
Link AI in Startups @ KualaLumpur
Link Regional Scaling @ KualaLumpur
Link Human Library @ KualaLumpur
Link The Hurdles of Being a Women @ KL tix
Link Blockchain in Higher Education @ PJ
Link Blockchain Reading @ Singapore
Link Blockchain B2B @ Singapore
Link Startup Ecosystem @ Singapore
Link Deep Tech Startups @ Singapore
Link Cybersecurity Startups @ Singapore
Link EnergyTech @ Singapore
Link Hedera Hashgraph @ HongKong