Field Robotics in Agriculture

Techsauce [22-23 June 2018 @ Bangkok, USD 330, info]
  • How to Make a Farmer's Job Sexy? - Aukrit Unahalekhaka, Ricult
  • Food Safety: Are We Feeding Ourselves Poison? - Craig Mosman, CibusDx
  • Food James Bond: Spy on Your Dish? - Žiga Drev, OriginTrail
  • Futuristic Dining: Holographic Food to Eating on Mars - Pat, Futurist
  • At the Bio Junction: Going Mass or Digging Deeper - Andrew Lai, SproutX
  • How to Commercialize BioTech to IPO - Takashi Ando, Euglena

EmTech [26-27 June 2018 @ HongKong, USD 680, info]
  • The Amazing Enzyme that Could End Plastic Pollution - John McGeehan, Port
  • The Future of Pharma - Andrew Hessel, Humane Genomics
  • A Cyberpunk Approach to Healthcare - Steven Tucker, CXA Group
  • AI and Microbes to Feed Our World - Diane Wu, Trace Genomics
  • Field Robotics in Agriculture - Salah Sukkarieh, University of Sydney title

Pick of Events [W1-Jul-2018]
Events listed may fall before, on or after the indicated week.
Link Clean Energy Pitch @ Cyberjaya video
Link MarketPlace Raya @ ShahAlam tix
Link MiddleEast Raya @ KualaLumpur
Link Blockchain Startup Accelerator @ KL
Link Retail Outlook @ KualaLumpur tix
Link Firebase Flutter @ KualaLumpur
Link Agile Scrum Kanban @ KualaLumpur
Link GPS Online Maps @ KuialaLumpur
Link Outdoor IoT Hackathon @ Penang tix
Link Social Enterprises Doing Good @ Jakarta
Link Data Science: Old School to New @ SG
Link Blockchain Hub: 155,000 Sq Feet @ SG
Link GDPR Here @ HongKong
Link Incubating DeepTech @ HongKong
Link Barclays Unreasonable Demo Day @ HK