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Rising sea levels [26-Jun-2018]
  • Sea levels could be rising faster than expected.
  • In the graph above, initial estimates made in 2007 by IPCC scientists projected a rise of up to 0.5 metre (approx 1.5 feet) by 2100.
  • Consequently, the estimates were revised to an upper limit of 1.2 metre (~4 feet) due to faster than expected melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet.
  • Latest news (June 2018), which might not be reflected in the graph above, is the Antartica Ice Sheet is also melting faster than expected. Other studies project a possible upper limit of 2 metres (approx 6 feet) by 2100.
  • How much is four feet? About chest level. Six feet? A tall adult.

Will your pad be affected?
  • Go to FreeMapTools and/or ElevationMap.
  • Search for your pad's location.
  • Zoom in (higher resolution = more accurate reading) and click.
  • Your pad's elevation will be shown on the bottom or side of the map.
  • If it is above 2 metres, your pad should be safe in 2100.

If your pad becomes beach property, here are some opportunities
  • Build stuff that floats (amphibious buildings)
  • Repurpose/rebuild (eg on stilts or higher foundations)
  • Dikes and floodgates (like the Dutch and London)
  • Relocate to higher ground (real estate opporuntities)
  • Create new islands (engineering opportunities)
  • Harvest the sea (seaweed, fisheries, desalination)
  • Turn gardens into mangroves (green solution)

Takeways from NYT ClimateTech Conference via Dec 2017
  • Business: get out of our way (US politics)
  • Government: You need to get us involved
  • Agriculture is important in climate change
  • Cities are in the battle front of climate change
  • Nuclear energy may make a comeback

In Other News
  • Indonesia mulling moving its capital from low lying Jakarta to Kalimantan
  • Artist Sean Lee proposes a Venice-like Singapore in 2030 (art).
  • World Conference on Floating Solutions 2019 @ Singapore event

Like to participate more in addressing Climate Change? Join the Climate Launchpad 2018 bootcamp happening July 12th-13th, 2018 @ Cyberjaya. [ info1 | info2 | apply ] Also Climate Change Dialogue 2018, July 10th @ PetalingJaya. [ info ]