CEBIT 2018: Man vs Machine

CEBIT 2018 [11-15 June @ Hanover, Germany] CEBIT 2018 is Europe's premier festival of digitalisation covering the digitisation of business, government and society. It runs from 10am to 10pm over 5 days allowing attendees to explore a broad specturm of topics (vs the usual tight parallel tracks). Tickets: €200 for 5 days | €100 per day | €15 per evening. Sample:

  • Shape the Digital Now - Adel Al-Saleh, CEO, Deutsche Telekom
  • The Importance of Humans - Janina Kugel, CHRO, Siemens AG [1]
  • When Machines Judge People - Ralph Müller-Eiselt, Bertelsmann Stiftung [2]
  • Man and Machine: Who's Programming Who? - Ranga Yogeshwar, Author [3]
  • Future of Remembering: Artificial Memory - Julia Shaw, Memory Hacker, UCL
  • Blockchain Explained as a Game Metaphor - Jeroen Van Hoof, Partner, PwC

  • CarPay - Transform routine petrol filling with autopayment & e-engagement
  • EasyGoing - Vending kiosk that does ads, printing and passer-by counting 
  • FlyLa - Outsource plane ticket sales to segment experts top image
  • HoloFil - Hologram screen that engages 5 times better than flat screens
  • NexxtOne - Insurers bid to cover a crowd (eg. all Mini drivers in a city) 
  • PreDesire - Product personalisation configurator eg. for colour, size
  • Pixolus - Turn the smartphone camera into an industrial grade scanner
  • TaijiElectronic - Cosmetic fingernail printer
  • W3W - Intuitive global postal address system that uses 3 words only

Pick of Events (W3-May-2018) [4]
Link AI ML AR VR for Business @ KualaLumpur
Link Call for Fintech Partners @ KualaLumpur sc | as | sg | hk
Link From Virtual to Reality @ HongKong
Link Puzzles to Thwart Coordinated Mining @ Singapore

[1] Humans increasingly risk being abstracted into a number, a unit of cost or profit.
[2] A call center system may, based on how profitable you are, accept or drop your call.
[3] By acting on search results, a person could be thought to have been 'programmed' by search algorithms. Ditto with programmatic ads, automated trading, algorithimic news feeds etc.
[4] Events of interest are listed regardless of whether they are happening in the indicated week.