The Next Web 2018

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TNW 2018 is happening now and over two days (24-25 May) in Amsterdam. Join the conference live [ mainstage | multistage | TNW | schedule ] as the CMO of Huawei, Andrew Garriby, just finished his speech promoting Huawei's AI chipped phone, and telling the audience Europeans on average think about food 221 times a day. Other topics include [times in GMT+8, MYT|SGT]:
  • 08:00pm Building a Stellar Tech Team - Eva De Mol, De Mol Ventures Thu
  • 08:30pm The Future of Sports is Robotics - Nicholas Horbaczewski, DRL
  • 08:45pm Building Compassionate Machines - Carolyn Rodz, Hello Alice
  • 09:15pm The Emerging V-Cloud - Kevin Kelley, Wired
  • 10:45pm The Brave New Digital World of Sport - Andrew Miah, Salford
  • 11:30pm Chivas Venture Global Finals - Picha Project is in the last 5
  • 04:20pm Why Email Wins in a Crowded Market - Len Shneyder, Sendgrid Fri
  • 04:30pm Measuring the Intrinsic Value of a Token - Kary Bheemaiah, Uchange
  • 05:00pm The Dangers of Investing in Coins vs Equity - K Gupta, Consensys
  • 05:45pm The Evolution of a New Online Economy - John Collison, Stripe
  • 07:00pm Investing in Blockchain - Tim Draper, Draper VC
  • 10:00pm Music on the Blockchain - Benji Rogers, dotBlockchainMusic
  • 10:25pm A New School of Consumerism - Richard Kelly, Fung Group