Tachyon: Faster Than Light

[May 11th, 2018] ConsenSys Ventures invests in six companies and launches its Ethereum accelerator Tachyon [no website yet]. The 8 week accelerator program will see a cohort of 8-10 projects work towards building an MVP and work towards raising pre-seed/seed funding. [TC]. Sample investees:
  • Ink - Transparent cryptocurrency (vs anonymous)
  • RocketPool - Ethereum proof-of-stake (stake what you do/say)
  • Dada - Digital art whose sale is limited by tokens top image

Token Foundry 
ConsenSys Token Foundry vets utility tokens. Sample vetted tokens:
  • Aikon - Monetize your API for a $ 2.2 trillion API economy
  • Colendi - Credit scoring and financial passport for a global economy
  • Weeve -Turn IoT into EoT by monetizing data & services (E=Economy)

ConsenSys Labs
ConsenSys Labs is an Ethereum venture studio. Sample ventures:
  • Benefactory - An economy of communities (vs of CEOs)
  • Civil - Journalism as a marketplace (vs as a hierarchy)
  • Variabl - Ethereum-based, trustless derivatives trading