Gnosis: Right Over Eloquent

[Nothing much on events so blockchains and ICOs get the spotlight. Some of these ICOs are novel ideas though execution remains to be seen. Top image: Gnosis]

Ethereum Meetup link [Thu, 3-May-2018, SG]
  • Dai - A stable coin based on USD (vs BTC's volatility)
  • Aragon - Run a decentralised, virtual organisation
  • Gnosis - Approach 'truth' by rewarding 'right' over 'eloquent' thesis

Crypto Investor Night link [Mon, 7-May-2018, SG]
  • Carats - Diamond-backed tokens
  • Online - Micropayment for websites to do away with annoying ads

Blockchats Dinner link [Tue, 15-May-2018, MY]
  • Wunder - Art philanthropy and accelerator

Pick of Events (W2-May-2018)
Link Startup Summit @ Cyberjaya try promo: CSSJMWB
Link Startup Obstacle Course @ ShahAlam
Link The Truth about CRMs @ KualaLumpur
Link IoT Embedded Development with LoRa @ KualaLumpur
Link 50 Shades of Jokes @ KualaLumpur
Link Future in Artificial Intelligence @ Singapore
Link What Happens After You Get Acquired @ Jakarta

[Calendata takes a two week break.]