GarfieldEats: Mobile Only Restaurant

ICOs take the stage again this week, via 1 2 3 4 5.
  • GarfieldEats - Mobile only fast food restaurant [not an ICO yet | top video]
  • DTube - YouTube alternative that pays by likes (vs via ads) [bottom video]
  • MoneyTrack - Directed money (restricted money): giftcards, vouchers, points
  • Perlin - Supercomputing from millions of idle smart devices
  • SatoshiPay - Nanopayment which requires no login
  • Bitwala - Blockchain banking for the Bitcoin era
  • FPC - After privatised airports, roads and utilities, now privatised cities

Pick of Events (W3-May-2018)
Link DTube & MusicCoin @ KualaLumpur
Link AWS is Recruiting @ KualaLumpur fixed
Link Secret Startup Sauce @ HongKong
Link SexTech Hackathon @ Singapore
Link Digital Maker Marketspace @ Penang
Link Startup Weekend Anak Muda @ Bali

DTube video of Google Assistant being demoed by Sundar Pichai at Google I/O 2018.