Blockchain Lottery

League of Blocks [Tue, May 22, 2018, 7pm @ KL, tix] Crypto-projects presenting:
  • Quanta - Blockchain lottery using the Randao random number generator 
  • ZCoin - 'Launder' bitcoin to make it resistant to network topology analysis
  • Ink - To be the cryptocurrency equivalent of PayPal (popular in ecommerce)
  • NEM - Uses proof-of-importance and delegated harvesting for coin minting

Bonus: Pick of Blockchain Week NYC 2018 info
  • Longenisis - Mine this coin by providing your bio-data for research
  • Sonm - Fog computing (even more decentralised than cloud computing)
  • Enigma - Secret ICOs (current ICOs show their backers)
  • CoolWallet - Hardware bitcoin wallet that uses Bluetooth (vs USB)
  • Atonomi - Secure sensitive IoTs: insulin pumps, CCTVs,  switches etc. 
  • IoTeX - Lightweight smart contracts for IoT
  • VUToken - Token for a virtual universe

The Randao random number generator info
  • Say, you are running a raffle draw at the office party. 
  • Instead of picking the name of the winner from a box, you assign each party-goer a number 1, 2, 3...20 (up to the number of party-goers), and have each of them provide a random 3 digit number.
  • You sum all the 3 digit numbers, divide the sum by 20 and the remainder+1 is the winning number (the remainder+1 will always fall between 1 and 20).
  • With this approach, an auditor could mathematically verify the draw by asking each party-goer the number he or she submitted and re-calculating the remainder.
  • Such a retrace wouldn't be possible if a lot was drawn from a box. 
  • If the numbers submitted are recorded in a blockchain, the party-goers need not remember the number they submitted, the numbers are in the blockchain, tamper-resistant.
  • Beyond gaming, lotteries have applications such as an alternative to first-come-first-served queuing for tickets for a blockbuster event.

Pick of Events (W5-May-2018) half the year almost done
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