Appworks Accelerator: $1.3 Billion Revenue

[Congrats to Malaysia on a new government]  From the event writeup: Appworks Accelerator is Greater Southeast Asia (Asean + Taiwan & Hong Kong)'s largest startup accelerator with an alumni of 323 startups, 780 founders, USD 1.3 billion in annual revenue and 5,696 jobs. Appworks is recruiting its 17th batch and will be at Cyberjaya on Friday, 11th May, 2018 6:30pm for a roadshow. Appworks alumni include:
  • iChef - Multi design awarded restaurant point-of-sale and CRM
  • IntoWow - Low-latency, premium, mobile video ads
  • Migo - Big data company with partnerships with Alibaba, Tencent, Google
  • MorningShop - Curated cereals, nuts, dried foods and jams top image
  • NewsLeopard - East Asian Mailchimp/GetResponse
  • TagToo - Ad platform that is more personal than media-buys and RTB
  • Umbo - Autonomous CCTV where AI does the monitoring, not humans
  • Patisco - Sales conversion after industry events
  • 17Life - Offline-to-online ecommerce platform
  • DeepSentinel - CCTV with AI-based surveillance
  • Fandora - Taiwan's largest online seller of illustration merchandise
 [Update: Event postponed, interested parties can apply direct here, closing May 14th.]