Stellar Token & Berkeley Blockchain

Event Highlights (W4-Apr-2018)

  • Stellar Event Token: For this month's Stellar meetup [Fri 6pm, 27 Apri 2018 @ TheCellar, Kuala Lumpur] we intend to showcase the superpowers of blockchain technology. After you sign up at Eventbrite, we will send you a digital ticket in the form of a Stellar Event Token [an ERC20-like utility coin for use in ticketing.]. You will need to download a mobile wallet [the organizer will probably tell you which one to use] that will hold the Stellar Event Token. At the door, you will need to deposit this Stellar Event Token for entry. Once you deposit the digital ticket, you will receive Lumens [or XLM, Stellar's unit of currency, similar to Ether and Bitcoin], which will be used as payment for a variety of things during the event e.g. food, drink, auction for a date with Miss Crypto Malaysia...
  • Blockchain at BerkeleyBlockchain at Berkeley is the largest and most active university-based blockchain organization in the world. Premised on the idea that universities are hubs for cutting-edge research and visionary ideas, Blockchain at Berkeley serves as a neutral party that provides blockchain-based education, consulting, and research initiatives. Blockchain at Berkeley will be presenting Deep-Dive into Crypto-Economic Design [Wed 10am, 25 Apr 2018 @ Ruttonjee, Hong Kong].

Pick of Events (W4-Apr & W1-May, 2018)

Crypto Events FYI only
Link Stellar Tokens and Lumens @ KualaLumpur info as highlighted
Link CryptoUpdate: Wanchain Steemit @ KualaLumpur info
Link NEM Blockchain Centre Launch @ KualaLumpur info
Link Blockchain Embassy Asia @ KualaLumpur info
Link ICO for Virtual Land @ KualaLumpur info
Link Stuff Banks, Use Coins @ KualaLumpur info
Link WeMerge Blockchain Incubator @ KualaLumpur info
Link Fiqh Blockchain @ KualaLumpur
Link CryptoEconomic Design @ HongKong info as highlighted
Link CryptoWallet for Apps @ HongKong info
Link Blockchain as an Investment Platform @ HongKong info
Link Build Decentralised Applications @ Singapore info

Other Events
Link GIX = (WashingtonU x Tsinghua) + TusStar @ ShahAlam info
Link MY-TH Crossborder Ecommerce @ KualaLumpur
Link Meet Your Better Half @ KualaLumpur
Link Wonder Women Picha Lean FutureLab @ KualaLumpur
Link Make Money Work for You @ KualaLumpur tix
Link US Market Access for Tech Startups @ KualaLumpur tix
Link Digital Content Exhibition @ KualaLumpur info
Link Mox Chinacclerator Happy Hour @ KualaLumpur tix
Link Build Your Own Snapchat @ KualaLumpur
Link Big Ass Fans @ KualaLumpur
Link Future Mobility: Electric Cars @ Bangkok
Link Millennial Millionaire @ Jakarta tix
Link The Universe as Code @ Jakarta