Startup Decelerator

The term startup decelerator is used by Spanish accelerator Menorca Millennials to brand itself and its programs which are one year in duration compared to the usual one to three months. Menorca Millennials is one of 45 accelerator partners of Global Pitch, a pitch competitionn (closing: 22 April 2018) hosted by DealMatrix. Sample accelerators and alumni:

Betatron Where founders come first (HK)
  • OmyCar - Gamification of better driving: drive better to win
  • Pakt - Storage when you have more clothes than closet [in packed HK]
  • Pixofy - Interactive furniture shopping

Brinc Helping founders build and launch connected hardware businesses (HK)
  • Kepetair - Fixed winged drone [flies like a plane vs like a helicopter]
  • Poladrone - Aerial data collection
  • Scorpiox - Drone as a service for emergency services, ecommerce etc

Chinaccelerator Helping startups cross borders (CN)
  • CoolHobo - Shop online and offline at the same time using VR  
  • GroupMall - Community-based WeChat shop
  • 247Tickets - Buying event tickets in China is still difficult & expensive

Elevator Lab Run by an Austrian bank (AT)
  • Kompany - Access company filings worldwide
  • Asteria - Automatic cash flow forecasts top image
  • Sonect - Replace ATMs with shops that accept and dispense cash [1]

JadeValue Fintech investor and incubator (CN)
  • Factom - Document authentication by blockchain
  • Orchard - Marketplace to buy and sell loans
  • FSPwork - Real estate ecosystem

Menorca Millennials Startup decelerator (ES)
  • Social Internet - Influencer relationship management 
  • InsideDNA - 1000+ of bioinformatic tools for genomic analysis
  • Mercaux - Digital in-store experience 

[1: Could be useful even with the introduction of ewallets and epayments if cash is still being used, but a reduction in usage means ATMs are underused or could not be justified in new locations.]

Redux: Big Data, Big Garbage
Our recent post with the above title received high interest but the eye-catching title merely refers to a topic of an event. Here are some possbilities big data could have big issues: [via 1]
  • Volume - So much data, there is nowhere to store it.
  • Velocity - Comes in so fast, it can't be captured readily.
  • Variety - Arrives in all shapes and sizes not just numbers and text.
  • Veracity - Is the data valid, accurate, complete or otherwise?
  • Value - Is the data of value to  you, and society (eg. privacy, security)?