Big Data or Big Garbage?

[This week's picks arrive early because the bot came back with more events, mainly lectures, for this week, in addition to the next. The post title refers to a topic in a Big Data event and the post video to an Industry 4.0 event (see below).]

The 2nd week of April 2018 sees a convergence of tech events in Hong Kong:
  • Link HKTDC ICT Expo
  • Link Global Sources Consumer Electronics 
  • Link Global Sources Conference
  • Link StartupLaunchPad Conference fixed
  • Link Internet Economy Summit
  • Link Startups Investor Forum
  • Link Coworking: Accelerating Startups

Big Data & AI Day | 12-Apr-18 @ HongKong link
  • Data Science as a Vehicle for Digital Transformation - SNU
  • Data Intelligence and Analytics at Alibaba - Alibaba
  • Big Data Science Changing the Face of Retail - JD
  • New Era of Information Dissemination - Toutiao
  • Big Data or Big Garbage? - UW-Madison post title

Pick of Events (W1-Apr-2018)
Link Brahms Holst Poulenc @ KualaLumpur
Link Classical Piano @ KualaLumpur
Link Membrane Technology for Clean Water @ KualaLumpur
Link Nanotechnology and Space @ KualaLumpur
Link Populism in Europe and Asia @ KualaLumpur
Link Shell Malaysia Chairman @ KualaLumpur
Link MIHAS @ KL  Starbucks | China | Belgium | Pharma | F&N
Link Bosch Industry 4.0 and IoT @ Kuching post video

Pick of Events (W2-Apr-2018)
Link Cloud Data Analysis @ KualaLumpur
Link Next Generation HR @ KualaLumpur
Link Social Influencers @ KualaLumpur
Link CinĂ©-Diner Haute Cuisine @ KualaLumpur
Link WIT Indie TravelTech @ Penang tix
Link Linux Free Operating System @ Penang
Link Muru-D Tickled Media @ Singapore