What Accelerators and Incubators Want

March marks the beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere: flowers bloom, greenery reappears, spring water trickles from snow melt, mammals awake from hibernation, birds return from migration, bees take off in search of nectar, and forward-looking ecosystems fire-up their engines:

Y Combinator apply
Many of the best ideas we’ve funded were ones that surprised us. There are, however, specific startups that we’re very interested in [Calendata's pick of 10 out of 25]:
  • Agriculture - Alt-meat, cellular agriculture (agriculture at the cell level)
  • Bio - Reading DNA, genetic programming
  • Creators - How to pay content creators?
  • Education - Human brain power is vastly under utilized, fix this to fix the rest
  • Energy - Looking for 10x better batteries
  • Healthcare - Preventative healthcare is the best healthcare
  • Jobs - Can you create jobs (instead of replacing them with algos, bots etc)?
  • Memory - Supplement memory with wearables, voice assistants etc
  • PalmOil - Big market, low tech, ungreen: looking for disruptors (fya my id)
  • Programming - Make programming more accessible (not only for nerds)
Y Combinator graduates include Airbnb, Dropbox, Stripe, Docker and Coinbase.

I’m currently on the hunt for amazing companies for the Techstars London program. [Eamonn Carey, MD, Techstars]
  • Apps - Apps that are ubiquitous, device agnostic and don't require download
  • Audio - More expressive and communicative than text, less hassle than video
  • Blockchain - Coins for the masses (not only for insiders, geeks, speculators)
  • ElderTech - Folks living longer, having fewer children (in some countries)
  • Food - By 2050 need to feed 9 billion people (7.6 billion now)
  • Happiness - Social media can be a downer, any happier alternatives?
  • Marketing - Web and mobile ads are broken (annoying, ignored)
  • Sharing - Share annotations and notes (surface what you jot)
  • UI - Gestural interface (hand signs, head nods/shakes, body language)
Techstars graduates include ClassPass, DigitalOcean and Sphero.

In addition to novel solutions, accelerators will likely also be looking for exceptional founders, competent team, minimum viable product, cogent business model, traction, market size etc as well. [11-Mar-2018]