Third Generation Blockchain

What is the third generation blockchain? input
  • Generation 1
    • Bitcoin, altcoins
  • Generation 2
    • Ethereum, smart contracts, ICOs
  • Generation 3 
    • Qualitative: fast, low transaction fee, secure and approved
    • Pervasive: IoT blockchain, smart contracts and execution
    • Architecture: directed acyclic graphs and new proofs
    • Applications: eg. transparent advertising platform
    • Economics: Sliced-and-diced, tokenized economy

Pick of Events (W2-Mar-2018)
Link Third Generation Blockchain @ HCMC
Link NEO: Blockchain Smart Economy @ Singapore
Link NBU: The Next Billion Users @ Singapore
Link Electric Vehicle Marathon @ Singapore
Link Lunchtime Job Openings @ Singapore
Link Design Week @ Singapore
Link Apply to Y Combinator @ HongKong
Link How to Win a Scholarship @ Jakarta
Link Silicon Valley Asia Fund @ Penang
Link Mekong Accelerator @ Cyberjaya
Link WeWork e27 Pitch @ KualaLumpur
Link Marine Polar Research @ KualaLumpur
Link Women's Fiesta @ KualaLumpur
Link Royalty Free Music @ KualaLumpur sample
Link Cobots: Collaborative Robots @ KualaLumpur info