Hackathon: In Blockchain We Trust

LongHash Hackathon
  • Date: 20 to 22 April 2018
  • Location: WeWork, Tokyo, Japan
  • Admission: Free, includes food, lodging and travel  
  • Prize: 20 ETH = approx USD 10K
  • Apply: By 1st April 2018 here

  • Expansion of atomic swaps 
  • Implement KYC for a sponsor's blockchain
  • Use machine learning to identify suspicious entities and trades
  • Timestamp IoT block transactions

Speakers, Advisors and Judges include

Bonus: [Consumer] Blockchain News
  • Link Virtual currencies are commodities, US judge rules
  • Link Breakeven mining price of BTC is USD 8K [BTC is now USD 8K]
  • Link Crypto-exchanges are raking in billions
  • Link Cost of mining one bitcoin: KR $26K | SEA $5K | HK $7K | CN $3K