Accelerator Startups: Spring 2018

2018 SXSW Accelerator Pitch Winners via
  • Transportation: GoKid - Safe ride-hailing for kids
  • Social: Icon - 3D print a house using concrete
  • Enterprise: DroneSeed - Drone spray forests against pests
  • AR/VR: ARwall - AR without googles, headsets & gadgets
  • Communities: Grubtubs - From food leftovers to farm feed
  • Entertainment: Vochlea - Control music with voice instead of a console
  • Health: Nanowear - Sensor textiles best of show
  • Best Bootstrap: Leaf - Bank for refugees done most with the least

German Accelerator® Graduation Pitch and Demo Day 2018 via
  • ProGlove - Glove with built in QR/barcode scanner
  • N26 - German mobile bank N26 makes it to America
  • FMC - Ferroelectric hafnium oxide RAM: faster, lower energy, more stable
  • Franka - Off-the-shelf robot arm vid
  • Perdoo - Objectives and key results framework vid
  • Timee - Calendar based, social networking
  • Twentybn - Machine decipher human behaviour
  • RiseML - Focus on machine learning without having to deal with infra

Supercharger Hong Kong 2018 Cohort via
  • CyberProductivity - White label accounting system banks can give customers
  • Enforcd - Database of global regulatory data, news and insights
  • Exate - EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance system
  • Gini - One mobile banking app for multiple banks: HSBC SCB Citi BoC etc
  • InvestmentNavigator - Get investment advice from the Swiss
  • KnowYourCustomer - Paperless KYC
  • MindBridge - AI auditor to handle big data
  • Vphrase - Turn charts and graphs into plain language

[Only selected startups listed above. Forthcoming accelerator intakes: MuruD, HKSTP, ChinaA, KStartup, ViisaGAP, MAPSAP.]

Pick of Events (W5-Mar-2018)
Link Genghis Khan @ KualaLumpur
Link Big Data Demo Day @ KualaLumpur
Link Pitching Tips from the Brits @ KualaLumpur
Link Genomics: The Collective Character of Genes @ KL
Link Startup Party @ KualaLumpur
Link Social Night @ KualaLumpur
Link DIY Video Storyboard @ Cyberjaya
Link & Bitspace @ Cyberjaya
Link Write a Personal Journal @ Kuching
Link The Rise of Machines @ Johor top image
Link The Hashgraph Ecosystem @ Singapore
Link Ethereum Golem @ Singapore
Link Blockchain Challenge @ Singapore
Link Realtime Blockchain Stream Analysis @ Singapore fixed
Link Supercomputing in AI, Fintech, Data & Biotech @ SG
Link Inside the Minds of Brilliant Designers @ Singapore
Link Machine Learning Domain Expertise @ HongKong