Dash is Digital Cash

Dash is an open source, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency.  On top of Bitcoin's feature set, it offers:
  • Junior Miners: Unlike Bitcoin, where all jobs are done by miners, Dash utilizes a two-tier network consisting of new blocks handled by miners and masternodes (junior miners) for transactions, making Dash faster (4,000+ trans/sec vs Bitcoin's 7 trans/sec) and more scalable.
  • Private: If you pay 1 Dash (approx USD 650) for, say, a phone online, Dash will combine your transaction with other transactions of 1 Dash. Who exactly paid for what is not clear to external parties because Dash is fungible (like cash, by looking at your dollar note, you do not know where it came from or where it will end up, but you can use it like any other dollar note).
  • Instant: Like cash, payment is instant, unike Bitcoin which may take an hour or more to confirm.
In the above chart from CoinMarketCap, the green line is the USD price of Dash, the orange, the BTC price. Inputs: Wikipedia, CryptoCurry. Dash vs Monero. FYI only. Caveat Emptor. [15-Feb-18]

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