2018: A Canidae Odyssey

An Alaskan state trooper was driving in a dark, wintry night when he came upon a dog. Sensing something amiss, he turned his car around and followed the German Shepherd. May our furry friend come to the rescue for any pyrotechnics in 2018. Celebrities born in the year of the dog (age in brackets):

  • 1934 (84): Gorgio Armani, Sophia Loren. Brigette Bardot
  • 1946 (72): Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, George Bush
  • 1958 (60): Michael Jackson, Prince, Madonna
  • 1970 (48): Mariah Carey, Matt Damon, Naomi Campbell
  • 1982 (36): Kirsten Dunst, Prince William, Kate Middleton
  • 1994 (24): Justin Bieber, Dakota Fanning, Harry Styles
  • 2006 (12): Etham Gamer, Ruby Rube, Lincoln Markham

Etham, Ruby and Lincoln are YouTube celebrities. The word Canidea refers to a family of mammals which includes dogs, foxes and wolves. For corporate festivity videos, the pick goes to Discover Hong Kong (video below). Happy Chinese New Year!

Pick of Events (W3-Feb-2018)
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