2017 State of the Art: Fintech II

2017 Mastercard Start Path via
  • Endor - Social Physics: people behave by inertia as much as by logic 
  • Fluid AI - Solve problems using AI 
  • Divido - Instant loan facility at the checkout page

2017 Fintech Innovation Lab London via
  • Samur.ai - Used by Citibank, Thomson Reuters and Barclays for ML and AI
  • Kasko - Tailor new insurance products over complicated legacy systems
  • Chronicle - Low latency interprocess communication top image

2017 Australian Fintech Awards via

2017 Canadian FinTech and AI Awards via
  • Ubiq - Fork of Ethereum for fintech and corporates
  • MindBridge - AI and big data analytics for auditors
  • DDIQ - AI for due diligence

2017 MAS ABS Fintech Awards via 
  • FOMO - Point-of-sale that accepts digital wallets
  • Blocko - Blockchain software developer
  • InstaRem - Transfer funds from AU, SG and HK