Le French Tech: Startup Opportunities in Paris

When: Thu, November 16, 2pm – 5pm, 2017
Where: Taipei Expo Dome, Taipei, Taiwan
Admission: Free
Info: Event | Attend | Venue

[La French Tech] French Tech Taiwan, in collaboration with the French Office in Taipei and Business Next, is bringing La French Tech to you for one exciting afternoon with French innovative startups, world-class accelerators and local innovation stakeholders.

Through startup pitches, presentations, success stories and experience sharing you will discover the power of France innovative spirit and its assets to attract the best international entrepreneurs and understand why France is the place to be in Europe right now. [Image: mobile 3d printer, see [1] below]

Topics include
  • From abandoned factory to world-class digital hub - R. Chehih, Euratech
  • The art of mixing talents together - Carine Sit, TheSchoolab 
  • Opportunities for international startups in Paris - Justine Michel, Paris & Co
  • French Tech: your bridge to France - Laurent Le Guyader, French Tech
  • Your startup in France: why & how - Zoé Lin, Business France

Startup Pitches sample
  • Decanter - Simple data science tool
  • eDevice - Telehealth device network, remote monitoring
  • Hap2u - Touchscreen 2.0: Non-flat touch surface vid
  • KinoMap - Take a jog in the Alps, without being in the Alps
  • Unabiz - Hive of things

Other Sample Startups [La French Tech is part of Meet Taipei Startup Festival]
  • T3D - Mobile 3D printer that uses your phone as the printer vid [1]
  • Dido - Meet your friends easily
  • HalalTaiwan - Find halal places in Taiwan
  • KitchBot - Home sous vide like cooking 
  • GoBuy - Watermelon pastry 

Sample Daimler Industry Challenges 2017 via see [2]
  • How to stop drivers from fiddling with their gadgets while driving?
  • Given this morning's traffic, should I take the bus, train, car or hail?
  • Marketplace for post-sales mods (huge industry)
  • Peak vs non-peak: when should bigger or smaller buses be used?
  • How to find your car in the parking mall?
  • How to bring the carlot to the customer rather than the other way round?
  • How to bring fuel to the customer rather than the other way round?
  • The Mercs driver's manual is bulky: how to convey the information therein?
  • How to globally share service technicians experiences and insights?
  • Is there a datacentre solution that is as flexible as the Cloud but not a Cloud?
  • How can Mercedes-Benz secure its data from hacking?
  • How can Mercedes-Benz disrupt the mobility industry?

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