Co-Making and Maker Space @ Asean

After co-working (shared offices) and co-living (short term accommodation, normally allied with co-working spaces), next is co-making (shared space and equipment):
  • KL  Me.reka - What can you make? @ Publika
  • KL  Fabspace - Meet amazing gurus @ Lot10 
  • SG  Mox - Brave, bold and daring @ Katong
  • SG  Hackespace - Built by geeks for nerds @ Kallang
  • HK  MakerBay - Change not by fighting, but making the new @ Kowloon
  • HK  ThreeKeys - Not just space but opportunities @ ChaiWan
  • JK   Indoestri - To make is to self make @ JakartaBarat
  • BK  HomeOfMaker - Makerspace with electronics shop @ FortuneTown
  • MN MakerspaceManila - What have you made today? @ SantaRosa 

[Maker Weekend] Me.reka is hosting a crowd funding preview of itself at its premise at Publika this Saturday, 25th November 2017, 3pm, together with GMC (VR games space & cafĂ© at KLIA2), TiketBola (no stress at the ticket booth), MobileOne (track your travelling sales staff) and InternationalInvestor (business information). Register here. [Footnote: In the list of co-making spaces above, Hong Kong is co-opted for the purpose of this post as a member of Asean.]