Blockchain Expo 2017

When: Wed, Nov 29 – Thu, Nov 30, 2017
Where: Santa Clara Convention Center
Admission: Free + Upgrade Options
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Blockchain Expo North America is the world’s largest blockchain conference & exhibition. Presented in a series of top-level keynotes, interactive panel discussions and solution-based case studies with a focus on learning and building partnerships in the emerging Blockchain space, Co-located with IoT Expo and AI Expo, Blockchain Expo will showcase the latest developments in the Blockchain arena, in both emerging and more established markets. Sample topics and presentations:

  • A new internet operating system - Chen Rong, Founder, Elastos
  • 4.0 revolution and Vietnam’s opportunity - Nguyen Thai Hoa, CEO, Bitdeal
  • Gaming: Turn virtual items into real assets - V. Panchenko, CEO, Dmarket
  • Building apps on the Ethereum platform - Susan Poole, Advisor, Mooti
  • Smart contracts embedded in IoT devices - Stephan Tual, COO,
  • Blockchain as a Service - Matthew James, Chairman, TrxnHub
  • A passport for a connected world - Hans Lombardo, CMO, Blockpass

Blockchains & ICOs
  • Rentberry - Rent your property by auction
  • ProjectPAI - Create an AI version of yourself to roam online
  • Bottos - Data market for smart contracts
  • Trustabit - Issue vouchers immediately when flights are delayed
  • Matrix - New generation smart contracts that do not require programmers
  • Stack - Point of sale payments using cryptocurrencies
  • Rpay - Point of sale payments using cryptocurrencies slow website
  • Shopin - Give retailers your profile rather than they hack it via 3rd parties
  • Finom - Tokenised equity offering compliant with US regulations 
  • SolidOpinion - Give prospects tokens when they engage with your brand 
  • RewardsToken - Long time loyalty program Rewards goes token
  • Neuromation - Synthetic big data generation for testing AI 
  • CrowdMachine - Cloud & crowd computer [vs just cloud for AWS] 
  • doGood - Decentralized problem solving
  • Referum - Developers reward gamers with tokens to play their new games
  • VaultBank - Buy tokens in an investment company in return for dividends
  • CoinLoan - Use your bitcoin as collateral for loans
  • CoinLion - Cryptocurrency exchange & portfolio management
  • FuseX - Smartcard that integrates debit & credit cards and cryptocurrencies

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  • Naviaddress - A new more accurate address [vs unit, street, town, country]
  • MoviesChain - Distribution and monetization platform for indies [vs Netflix]
  • TravelChain - Alternative to Expedia and Priceline, and fake travel reviews
  • GatCoin - Convert discount coupons, loyalty points, vouchers into tokens
  • Decent - Tokenized event tickets
  • VLB - Vehicle lifecycle record keeping
  • BitCar - Own a fraction of a Maserati info
  • BnkToTheFuture - Invest in a portfolio of cryptocurrencies
  • Liquid - Make cryptocurriences liquid [easily convertible to cash]
  • Electrify - Buy and sell electricity in a marketplace