Microsoft Accelerator London

The Microsoft Accelerator in London is a 16 week programme aimed at helping later stage startups doing big things in Cloud, Internet, and mobile. A small group of high-potential startups will be chosen for the programme. Microsoft Accelerator will provide the startups with a great workspace in central London, as well as free tools, top-quality mentorship, and training workshops necessary to successfully take your startup to the next level. [Batch 8 is currently open for applications until July 31st 2017. Info | Apply | FAQ ] [Posted: 3 Jul 2017] 

Sample London Alumni
  • Beagle - Automatic contract analysis Legal beagle sniffs out dodgy fine print
  • Iproov - Authenticate without passwords or tokens using facial recognition
  • IngressOne - Visitor sign in using OTP
  • Capitalise - Lender search engine
  • MekaMon - Move gaming from virtual to physical
  • Pointr - Indoor location for airports, exhibitions, malls etc Top image
  • Situm - GPS for indoors
  • AttitudeAngel - Air traffic control for drones
  • Rotor - DIY music and promo videos
  • PlayCanvas - 3D games using HTML5 and WebGL
  • UXCam - Record how users use your app To assist UX design
  • PowerLinks - Platform for native advertising 
  • AppyParking - Voted UK's best parking app
  • iBot - Wintel of IoT Aims to be the dominant processor + software