Austrian Startup Night

When: Mon, July 10, 6pm – 9pm, 2017
Where: Mettā, 21/F California Tower, Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong
Admission: Free
Info: Attend | Venue

[Austrian-Hong Kong Startup Nite] Both Austria and Hong Kong have a booming startup scene. Austria and Hong Kong are bridgeheads to booming markets close by - Austria, with its trendy capital of Vienna, wants to be the door for Asian startups for the Central and Eastern Europe region, while Hong Kong is an ideal base for Austrian companies interested in China and Asia. Join us and meet 8 innovative Austrian startups:
  • TableConnect - Table as touchscreen display device vid top image
  • ChatbotsAgency - Employment agency for…chatbots
  • xDroid - Turn your toys into game characters
  • Hongi - Mattress 2.0: modular, customisable
  • PowUnity - Bluetooth anti-theft device for bicycles & portables
  • StormHedge - Quantitative algorithms: you focus on qualitative
  • KiloBaser - DNA synthesis using a coffee machine like rig
  • HeroSphere - Social betting
These startups went through an intensive 3-week accelerator programme in Hong Kong with HKSTP and received advice from partners and friends from the Austrian Trade Commission and the Austria Global Incubator GIN.

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