Pick of Unicorns

RocketLab's Rutherford rocket engine

Pick of lesser known unicorns: private companies (vs public ones like Snapchat) that are valued, formally or informally, at USD 1 billion and above. Picks are based on novelty, clear unique selling proposition and being lesser known. Via: CBInsights

  • RocketLab - The world's most affordable launch service for small satellites
  • Zoox - Stealth autonomous vehicle startup
  • Royole - Foldable display supplier which has Akon as Chief Creative Officer
  • Peleton - Connected exercise bike

HealthTech & BioTech
  • Moderna - Use RNA to make make antibodies inside the patient's own body
  • Nanopore - Identify molecules (eg. pathogen detection) using nanopores
  • Proteus - Ingestible sensors (swallow a sensor to monitor your health)
  • HumanLongevity - Medical checkup that checks your DNA
  • Outcome - Digital systems and gadgets for clinics

Financial, FinTech & InsurTech
  • Oscar - Health insurance that is easy to understand
  • SoFi - Fully digital lending service with low rates and strict scoring
  • Mozido - White label e-wallet platform
  • DocuSign - Electronic signatures 
  • RobinHood - Free stock trading
  • Clover - Health insurance that covers the extras
  • FundingCircle - P2P lending startup with 60k lenders & 25k borrowers

  • Infor - Cloud ERP, CRM., financial, logistics systems
  • Domo - Management dashboard
  • Apttus - Quote-to-Cash (QTC): sales cycle management
  • Mu Sigma - Decision science & analytics: learning is better than knowing
  • Afiniti - Pair call centre staff with customer based on AI determined affinity
  • Tanium - Sysadmin lock down for your company PC, laptop etc
  • Rubrik - Data recovery without backups

Commerce and Retail
  • Klarna - Pay for your ecommerce purchase only after delivery and checking
  • Fanatics - Sports merchandising and ecommerce
  • BlueApron - We do the shopping, you do the cooking
  • WarbyParker - Eyeglasses, sunglasses and frames

China gets own category because of its heavy presence in the list after the US
  • NIO - Smart, electronic, autonomous electric vehicle
  • DJI - Drones, UAVs, quadcopters, flight and camera platforms
  • Toutiao - Content recommendations powered by artificial intelligence
  • LuFax - Financial products marketplace 
  • WePiao - Ticketing app that is integrated into WeChat and QQ
  • Kuaishou - Video streaming communications
  • Tujia - High end Airbnb

  • Improbable - SpatialOS: platform for creating virtual worlds