YCombinator Startup Ideas

Y Combinator: There are a lot of startup ideas we’ve been waiting for people to apply with, sometimes for years. In an effort to be more direct, we’re introducing the RFS (Requests for Startups). You shouldn’t start a company just because it’s on this list. It’s mostly here to help stimulate you to think about ideas.

  • Energy - Cheaper, cleaner generation, plus storage and transmission
  • AI - Narrow domains: self-driving, drugs, programming, fraud detection
  • Robotics - Space and nano robots
  • Biotech - Writing (instead of just reading) DNA, guard against biotech abuse
  • Healthcare - Make it better for less money
  • Pharmaceuticals - Nootropics: drugs that help thinking
  • Education - The distribution of MOOC with the interaction of one-on-one
  • Human Augmentation - Helping humans function, work or play better
  • VR and AR - Something's up with AR & VR, but we are not quite sure what
  • Housing - Cheaper housing
  • Transportation - Lightweight, short-distance, personal transport
  • One Million Jobs - Find new jobs for those that are replaced (by robots etc).
  • Programming Tools - What is beyond programming languages?
  • Hollywood 2.0 - New content distribution (vs theatres)
  • Diversity - Inclusive workforce
  • Enterprise Software - Making expensive (software) cheap
  • Financial Services - Regtech that is as fast moving as Fintech
  • Computer Security - It's very hard
  • Global Health Non-Profits - Data-literate, metrics-driven giving
  • Under-Served Communities - Innovation in social security
  • Food and Farming - Reduce cost, improve flavour (and wholesomeness)
  • Mass Media - How to fix media that rely on polarisation, misinformation?
  • Improving Democracy - Better involvement, communications and fairness
  • Future of Work - If jobs are lost (to robots etc), how to get money, healthcare?
  • News - Fake news vs freedom of the press
  • Water - Low cost desalination, novel purification, smart immigration 

Y Combinator is accepting applications for the Summer 2017 funding cycle, which will take place in Mountain View, Califormia from Jun - Aug 2017. [The closing date for applications for this batch is March 24, though according to its FAQ, Y Combinator accepts late applications on an ad hoc basis. The next intake is around October.]