SUPERB 2017 Series1 Finalists

SUPERB provides grants of up to MYR 500,000 [USD 112,000] to fund innovative and creative startups. The finalists for the 2017 Series 1 [some brand names and descriptions are extrapolated, the links on the left are to short FB videos of the founders, the right angle brackets are links to the product websites where available]:

  • RIG Cell Lite - IoT board for fast prototyping > [top image]
  • AGV - Automated guided vehicle (for pallets, factories etc) >
  • AirSav - Airbag safety vest for motorcyclists with SMS notification >
  • Eco Waste - Cleaner waste incineration using plasma gasification
  • Cutting Pen - Surgical scalpel that uses radio frequency and/or heat
  • G-Treat - Treat waste water with bio-coagulants (eg. coagulate oil into solids)
  • Antigermz - Natural, non-toxic anti-bacterial agent 
  • Distress Sound Detector - Detect distress sounds in hospitals, factories etc
  • E-ZYQ - Scaffolding that does not require removal after setting
  • iQuantum - Harvest radio frequency to run low-powered devices
  • PowerEnhancer - Enhance portable electric generators using inverters

  • MedKad - A doctor's card that is stored in a phone, not the doctor's office >
  • Moovby - Peer-to-peer car sharing >
  • Alogmecs - Automated algorithmic share trading >
  • Underwrite Espresso - eUnderwriting: insurance as a service

Retail and eCommerce
  • Arare - Jimmy Choo 2.0: fine handmade shoes >
  • Dropee - B2B Ecommerce: wholesale to retail >
  • RobotJualan - Automatic ecommerce from chatbots to efulfilment >
  • Old Malaya - Pre-mixed traditional Malay spice formulas for F&B 
  • Pocket Meal - Instant meals that are healthier than instant noodles

  • Mutiara Figs - Jams, sauces, tea, handcream, bodyscrub from figs >
  • Lembu - Bovine feedstock from agri-leftovers: corn stalks, cocoa pulp etc
  • Gula Apong - Commercialisation of nipal palm and palm sugar
  • Pellets - Organic, healthy feed for poultry