Pick of Show: NY SG HK Spring 2017

TechCrunch Disrupt New York 2017 Startup Battlefield Finalists (via)
  • Collider - Print 3D metal objects RunnerUp
  • Domuso - Help tenants pay the rent (via instalments etc)
  • NuCypher - Encrypt big data to secure it
  • RecordGram - Recording studio in an app (recording, mixing etc) Winner
  • Sunrise - Mental health therapy that uses group chatting

TechCrunch Disrupt New York 2017: Pick of Startup Alley (via)
  • Emerge - Insurance for expenses that medical insurance does not cover
  • Debitize - Credit card that works like a debit card (with advantages of both)
  • XtraChef - F&B kitchen automation tool
  • WythMe - Have a big party? Let restaurants bid for your business
  • Minbrew - Brew your own beer at home
  • MetroTech - Traffic monitoring that is faster and more accurate than Waze
  • HoloJam - VR + AR + real world = mixed reality
  • PopWallet - Sell from the mobile wallet (which is normally just the backend)

TechInAsia Singapore 2017: Pick of Bootstrap Alley & Arena (via 1 2 3)
  • Omni - Bike helmet with rear camera, cooling system, vehicle detection etc
  • Touché - Point of Sale that accepts fingerprints as payment
  • CoffeeBreak - ClassPass/KFit/GuavaPass for cafés
  • Look - Use the smartphone of others as your remote webcamp
  • Rootee - Goggles for diagnosing eye and health issues
  • Swingvy - Free HR management system 

Cocoon Pitch Hong Kong Summer 2017 Semi-Finalists (via)
  • HiCooler - Personal air conditioner that uses 7.5W (vs normal >1000W)
  • De-Own - Rent instead of buying the latest gadgets for trial or play
  • XpRelay - P2P job platform (vs the normal B2C)
  • Travie - App to auto-generate travel itineraries and track budgets