Fintech: Enter The Koreans

When: Thu, May 18, 5pm – 7pm, 2017
Where: Smart-Space, Cyberport 3, Hong Kong
Admission: USD 25
Info: Attend | Venue | Inside | Outside

Korean banks, technology giants and even the government are committing massive funds and brainpower to develop fintech, USD 2.6 billion by the government alone. Catch the Korean wave by signing up now for Korean Fintech Night in Hong Kong. Presenters and pitchers include:
  • D.Camp - Fintech startup hub funded by 20 Korean banks
  • Dayli - Korea's fintech alliance with 30 members
  • DaVinciLabs - Fintech big data analysis lab (eg. for credit scoring)
  • RedVelvetVentures - Integrated insurance management app
  • NewsyStock - Investment guide app using quantitative analysis of stock
  • SmartForecast - Asset management forecast, balancing and optimisation
  • DeepLog - Use deep learning to analyze security logs

Other Korean Fintech Startups
  • VivaRepublica - Payment app that shot to #2 Android app in Korea
  • Blocko - Blockchain as a service
  • 8 Percent - P2P lending service with annual interest rate fixed at 8%
  • Korbit - Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple trading & bitcoin-Korean Won exchange
  • TeraFunding - P2P lending for property
  • Coinplug -  Bitcoin for the masses: ATMs, easy-to-use bitcoin cash cards