Cards vs Smartphones: A Knockout Game

When: Wed, Apr 19 – Thu, Apr 20, 2017
Where: Suntec City, Singapore
Admission: Free [exhibition & seminars]
Info: Event | Venue

Seamless Asia partners with e27 to gather fintech, e-commerce and retail technology start-ups in Singapore to showcase their innovation. This is your chance to hear the latest start-ups talk about their innovative products and services. Presenters include:
  • PaidUp - Get crowdfunded by customers Updated
  • Datarama - Data & analysis of private companies
  • InstaRem - Instant remittance via smartphones
  • TupleTech - Customer behaviour forecasting
  • Eber - Membership system for retailers and e-retailers [top image]
  • JumperAI - Chat-based social commerce (no e-shops required)
The event includes a conference, an exhibition and seminars. Sample seminar topics:
  • Making Retailers Very Profitable Again - SES Imotag
  • Credit Cards vs Smartphones: A Knockout Game - Abbrevia
  • Smart City, Smart Payment, Smart Transportation - Baoruh
  • How An Advanced POS Drive Sales - Givex
  • Alternatives to Old POS: Cloud & Modular - Flex-Solver
  • How Will We Pay in 2020? - Rambus
  • Are Payment Cards Disappearing? - APS