Y Combinator Startup School

When: Wed, April 5, 2017
Where: Online
Admission: Free
Info: Event

Y-Combinator: We’re excited to announce our new online Startup School. Anyone can sign up for the 10-week massively open online course. We want to teach everyone how to start a startup and help them along the way with guidance from people who’ve started companies. The class is designed for people to go through it with their own nascent startup, though you can also just watch the lectures if you’re interested. In either case, it’s free. Guest lecturers include:
  • Jan Koum, Co-Founder, WhatsApp
  • Patrick Collison, Co-Founder, Stripe
  • Steve Huffman, Co-Founder, Reddit
  • Adam D’Angelo, Co-Founder, Quora

About Y-Combinator: Twice a year we invest a small amount of money USD 120k in a large number of startups. Since 2005, we've funded over 1,464 startups. We are a community of over 3,000 founders, our companies have a combined valuation of over USD 80b. [Registration for the school has closed, you may still participate by following the course or watching the lectures as they are made available.

Pick of Y Combinator's Demo Day (March 2017, Ref: TC1, TC2). The short descriptions and linked websites may look a bit ho-hum but there is substance in the startups. For more info, refer to the Techcrunch writeups.
  • RentRezi - Take the risk and hassles out of renting property
  • Firsthand - Turn spare space into a profit-sharing retail kiosk
  • Symple - Scan invoices into digital copies and pay electronically
  • IndigoFair - Online shop for retailers (not consumers) [top image]
  • Wright - After electric cars, electric aeroplanes 
  • Peer5 - Video streaming service that streams faster with more viewers
  • XIX - Artificial intelligence that predicts what you will do next
  • Bulletin - Premium physical store as a service]

This Week
Link Wed 09:00  Strategic Outsourcing @ Intercon
Link Wed 14:30  Asean Data Analytics Exchange @ BangsarSouth
Link Thu  08:30  Facilitating Export & Import @ KualaLumpur
Link Thu  13:30  Grow Your Business with Alibaba @ SubangJaya
Link Thu  17:00  Female Startup Stories @ Singapore
Link Fri    17:00  The Art of Design @ Cyberjaya
Link Sat   09:00  Raja Muda's Say Ignite @ Sunway
Link Sat   12:00  Smart Food Truck Festival @ ShahAlam
Link Sun  10:00  Ladies Cultural Walk @ HongKong

Next Week [Week beginning April 3rd, 2017]
Link Mon 19:00  Smart City Teh Tarik @ Sentral
Link Mon 09:00  Google Alliance Maxis Mastercard @ MITI
Link Mon 18:30  Azure & Power BI @ KLCC
Link Tue  13:30  Product Sourcing Secrets @ ShahAlam
Link Tue  13:30  Cross Border: eTrade eBay Paypal DHL @ Cheras
Link Tue  18:30  Data Science Best Practices @ Singapore
Link Tue  19:30  WeChat: One App to Rule Them All @ KK New
Link Wed 08:30  Partners in a Post-Brexit World @ MITI
Link Thu  10:00  Globalise Halal @ KLCC 
Link Thu  18:00  Intellectual Property @ Cyberjaya New
Link Thu  18:30  Career: Zero to Hero @ GloDamansara
Link Thu  19:30  F&B: Phase 1 to 4 @ Singapore
Link Fri    19:00  Yasmin Anne Alecia Nadiah @ MidValley
Link Sat   08:30  BlokTex Blockchain @ KLCC [Promo: BLOKTEX200]
Link Sat   09:30  Traffic Hacking @ BangsarSouth
Link Sat   10:00  IoT in Building Maintenance @ KLCC
Link Sat   10:00  FutureLab Mentoring @ GloDamansara