Consumption & Production Hackathon @ Bali

When: Fri, March 10, 5pm – Sun, March 12, 11pm, 2017
Where: Hubud, Monkey Forest, Bali, Indonesia
Admission: USD 30
Info: Event | Apply | Venue

[UN Influx Hackathon 2017] Nine cities, 1000 hackers and The United Nations will connect, create and collaborate during a 48-hour global hackathon around the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Winning teams will be given resources to become real businesses, and be eligible to demo their product at the United Nations HQ later in 2017.

[For the Bali hackathon, the topic is Responsible Consumption and Production. The current world population is 7 billion. If in 2050, the population reaches 10 billion, the equivalent of almost three planet earth will be required to sustain current lifestyles (increased population + living standards). Targets for this goal include:
  • Halve the amount of global food waste per person.
  • Sound management of harmful chemicals.
  • Reduce waste through the three Rs: reduce, reuse, and recycle.
  • Ensure companies’ practices are responsible and environmentally sound.
  • Keep the public informed and educated.
  • Tools to live in harmony with nature for sustainable lifestyles.

Sample green startups:
  • Impossible - Mock cheeseburger
  • Skeleton - Ultracapacitor batteries (faster, lighter, more durable)
  • TomCridland - Clothes that last 30 years
  • Ecovative - Use mushrooms instead of plastic
  • Method - Cleaning products that are non-toxic and C2C certified
  • ECHY - Bring natural sunlight into homes and buildings
  • WYSIPS - Transform any surface into a solar panel]

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