Formula Roborace: Drivers Not Needed

[22 Feb 2017] First there was Formula 1, the fossil-fueled auto racing championship. Then came Formula E, an all electric version of F1 which debuted three years ago. Now there is Roborace, a driverless, autonomous, electric vehicle racing championship. Roborace cars use real time sensing, computing, artificial intelligence and no remote control. Roborace kicked off last year as a subsidiary event of Formula E with ten teams. Thus, it is not just low end workers who must face the bots, pinnacle professionals like Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel will too.

Meanwhile in other future mobility news, sales of electric vehicles (EV) in China, the world's top EV market, topped 40,000 in November 2016, a figure comparable to sales of all cars in MY for the same month. Top selling makes include:
The models above are first gen EVs, in the wings are nexgen ones including:
As part of 'EV 2.0' and due to the proliferation of EV startups, the government of China has tightened specifications to challenge the weaker players. Enhanced specifications include how batteries are re-used and recycled.