Health Technology Startups

When: Fri, January 20, 8:30am – 6:30pm, 2017
Where: PMQ-Qube, Central, Hong Kong
Admission: HKD 950 [USD 123]
Info: Event | Agenda | Venue

The intersection of health & technology has just begun. All aspects of healthcare as we know it today will change dramatically in the next few years. HealthTech represents one of the greatest startup & investment opportunities of our generation. [Online registration for the event has closed, check with the organizer or on-site for walk-in registration.]

  • Temedicine Disrupts Healthcare - Lee Dentith, Now Healthcare
  • Digital Integrative Care - Guangfei Ji, TRT
  • Genomics - Danny Yueng, Prenetics
  • Hardware - Benjamin Joffe, HAX
  • Robotics - Corrina Ockenfeld, NISI
  • Artificial Intelligence - Steve Monaghan, GenLife
  • Microbiome - Jonathan Krive, Civet Bio [top image]
  • HealthTech Investing Trends - Judith Li, Lilly Asia Ventures
  • IT Innovation in Healthcare - NT Cheung, Hospital Authority
  • How Do Accelerators Add Value - Andrew Young HKSTP

HealthTech Startup Pitches
  • SanwaBiotech - A diagnostic lab packed into a computer chip
  • Sanomics - Non-invasive medical testing
  • Novoheart - Stem cell biotechnology for heart regeneration
  • AcesoBee - Electronic healthcare records platform
  • GemVCare - Genetic diabetes detection
  • Sealantis - Surgical adhesive from sea algae
  • GatherHealth - Integrated app for patient and healthcare provider
  • Lifespans - Orthopaedic technology

[Calendata pauses for two weeks, Happy Chinese New Year.]

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