CES 2017: Consumer Electronics: Mobility

Missed CES 2017? The Asian edition of CES will be held June 7th - 9th in Shanghai. Calendata's picks from the best of show. More picks in Part 1
  • Solos - Smart sunglasses designed in collaboration with the US cycling team
  • O6 - A small disc like remote controller for your smartphone
  • Avegant - An entire theatre that is the size of a palm
  • The Button - Programmable button that can be a switch for any device
  • TiltBrush - The mighty Google showcases a humble 3D paint brush
  • GoTenna - Private mesh cellular network that requires no Wi-Fi or telco
  • SensePeanut - Small sensors (eg motion detector) that are linkable to phones
  • Oomi - Make your home appear occupied to deter break-ins
  • Koova - Small portable camera that can do analytics and facial recognition
  • Blink - Wire-free (no network or electric cables) home security camera
  • Xenoma - Smart apparel that can sense actions and be used for user input 
  • Valarie - Triple display laptop
  • ZenfoneAR - A smartphone that is Tango enabled and Daydream ready

Future Mobility
In a sign of times, CES now incorporates a substantial, futuristic car show:
  • Assist - Honda's self-balancing motorcycle
  • NeuV - Honda's EV earns you $ from ride-sharing when you are not using it
  • Concept-i - Toyota's future Corolla
  • Portal - Chrysler's millennials by millennials vehicle
  • FF91 - Farady Future's first EV received ~65,000 bookings during CES week
  • ID Buzz - Volkswagen futuristic version of its iconic van/microbus/kombi
  • PilotNet - Nvidia's deep-learning self-driving platform (with Audi)
  • POM - Renault's open source, modular car platform
  • Oasis - Swiss self-driving car with the works including a garden
  • Navdy - Say goodbye to fidgeting with a smartphone while driving