Marketing Awards: The Mashies 2016

[December 6th, 2016] In a world over-saturated with brands and ads vying for your attention, today’s marketers are expected to go above and beyond to make their work stand out.

The Mashies, Mashable's annual awards program showcases the year's most outstanding digital work in marketing, advertising and social:

Platform Campaigns
Multi-Platform Campaigns
Video & Multimedia
Public Relations
Best in Show / 360 Campaigns
[1] This is the advertiser's website, campaign details here (harrowing videos).
[2] Analyzer goes through submitted pins and determines a favourite colour.
[3] Accomplish your mission in 24 hours before the Snapchat self-destructs.
[4] Fake trailer for an EA Sports computer game Madden NFL 15.
[5] Scroll to the second half of the article to understand the video (of 'balls').
[6] Interactive DIY lessons.
[7] On Black Friday, don't join the crowd, opt for the outdoors instead.
[8] The video is too disturbing to list, just remember: Don't phone and drive.