Major Conferences 2017

CES 2016 Las Vegas 05-Jan-17 Link
Mobile World Congress 2017 Barcelona 27-Feb-17 Link
CeBIT 2017 Hannover 20-Mar-17 Link
Senzhen 2017 Senzhen 08-Apr-17 Link
Hannover Messe 2017 Hannover 24-Apr-17 Link
Computex 2017 Taipei 30-May-17 Link

IoT, Robotics & AI
Global Artificial Intelligence 2017 Santa Clara 19-Jan-17 Link
Deep Learning Summit 2017 San Francisco 26-Jan-17 Link
MIT Technology 2017 Cambridge 18-Feb-17 Link
Industry of Things 2017 San Diego 20-Feb-17 Link
Robotics Alley 2017 Minneapolis 28-Feb-17 Link
Bosch Connected World 2017 Berlin 15-Mar-17 Link
Global Smart Devices Summit 2017 Beijing 27-Apr-17 Link
The AI Summit 2017 London 09-May-17 Link
IoT World Forum 2017 London 27-May-17 Link
Robotics Week 2017 London 24-Jun-17 Link

Smart Cities & Autonomous Vehicles
Smart Cities 2017 London 01-Feb-17 Link
Autonomous Vehicles Silicon Valley 2017 Santa Clara 28-Feb-17 Link
Makers Summit 2017 Greenville 03-Mar-17 Link
Arab Future Cities 2017 Doha 10-Apr-17 Link
Smart Cities Week 2017 Santa Clara 08-May-17 Link

Blockchain Week 2017 London 20-Jan-17 Link
Blockchain Expo Global 2017 London 23-Jan-17 Link
Fintech Forum 2017 Paris 25-Jan-17 Link
Finovate 2017 San Jose 26-Apr-17 Link
Fintech Week 2017 London 07-Jul-17 Link
Money 20/20 2017 Las Vegas 22-Oct-17 Link

Business & Technology
Webit Festival 2017 Sofia 25-Apr-17 Link
O'Reilly Open Source 2017 Austin 08-May-17 Link
TechCrunch Disrupt 2017 New York 09-May-17 Link
TheNextWeb TNW 2017 Amsterdam 18-May-17 Link
WSJ.Digital Live 2017 Hong Kong 08-Jun-17 Link
Inc Magazine 5000 Desert Springs 10-Oct-17 Link

Sales, Marketing & Retail
Digital Marketing World Forum 2017 London 19-Jun-17 Link
UnGagged 2017 London 20-Jun-17 Link
eTail 2017 Boston 14-Aug-17 Link
Content Marketing World 2017 Cleveland 05-Sep-17 Link
Salesforce Dreamforce 2017 San Francisco 06-Nov-17 Link
Manufacturing, Automation & Logistics
Jump Start 2017 Atlanta 23-Jan-17 Link
China Connect 2017 Paris 01-Mar-17 Link
Operations Summit 2017 Pittsburgh 27-Mar-17 Link
American Manufacturing 2017 Chicago 28-Mar-17 Link
Manufacturing & Technology 2017 Cleveland 08-May-17 Link
Design Automation 2017 Austin 18-Jun-17 Link
APICS 2017 San Antonio 15-Oct-17 Link
Arts & Creative
SXSW 2017 Austin 10-Mar-17 Link
Smashing 2017 San Francisco 04-Apr-17 Link
AdAge Digital  2017 New York  05-Apr-17 Link
PePcon 2017 Atlanta 22-May-17 Link
CannesLions 2017 Cannes 17-Jun-17 Link
AIGA Design 2017 Minneapolis 12-Oct-17 Link
Software, Developer & BigData
Developer Week 2017 San Francisco 11-Feb-17 Link
QCon 2017 London 06-Mar-17 Link
Game Developer 2017 San Francisco 27-Mar-17 Link
Big Data Innovation 2017 London 30-Mar-17 Link
E3 2017 Game Industry Los Angeles 13-Jun-17 Link
Adobe Summit 2017 Las Vegas 19-Mar-17 Link
Adobe Behance U99 New York  07-Jun-17 Link
Adobe Max 2017 Las Vegas 16-Oct-17 Link
Facebook F8 2017 San Jose 18-Apr-17 Link
Microsoft Collision 2017 New Orleans 02-May-17 Link
Microsoft Build 2017 Seattle 10-May-17 Link
Microsoft Envision 2017 Orlando 25-Sep-17 Link
Calendata's pick of major events for 2017. This list will be updated from time to time.