Data Science: Principles, Practice and Application

When: Fri, December 9, 8am – 6pm, 2016
Where: Hilton, Sentral, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Admission: Free
Info: Event | Apply | Venue

[ Wrangle @ Malaysia 2016 ] Wrangle is a an industry event about the principles, practice, and application of Data Science, across multiple data-rich industries. It includes talks from practitioners at innovative companies about the hardest problems they've faced, and the solutions they found for them. If you're also a practicing Data Scientist, or aspire to be one, Wrangle is for you! Topics (abbreviated):
  • What Data Science Leaves Out - Sean Owen, Cloudera
  • Application of Natural Language Understanding - Alyona Medelyan, Entopix
  • Data Science for the Public Good - Feng Yuan Liu, GovTech
  • Introduction to Apache Spark MLlib - Juliet Houghland, Cloudera
  • Ensemble Model in Video and Text Spam Detection - Fajri Koto, KMK
  • Taking Personalization Personally - Sara Watson, Digital Asia Hub [top image]
  • AI and Big Data in Financial Risk Control - Dr. Zoey Zhou, CreditX
  • Data Innovation for Market Disruption - Ikuo Nakagawa, Intec 
  • Personalization Solutions for Business Insights - Dr. Maggie Li, eBay
  • What We All Learned - Sean Owen & Juliet Hougland, Cloudera
[Top image: Sara Watson @ EMW Bookstore, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Source: EMW]

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