The 18 Sandboxed Fintech Firms

[7 November 2016, London] The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) marked the second anniversary of Project Innovate by announcing the firms that were successful in their applications to begin testing in the first cohort of the regulatory sandbox. The 18 sandbox firms announced were:
  • Billon - An e-wallet that comes with a bank account for payments, transfers
  • BitX - Cross-border e-wallet powered by Bitcoin
  • Blink - Flight interruption insurance with real time resolution
  • Bud - A banking app that is an aggregation of financial products
  • CitizensAdvice - Compare debt solutions
  • Epiphyte - Blockchain alternative to SWIFT
  • Govcoin - Welfare payments using digital currency (better tracking, faster)
  • HSBC-Pariti - Robot bank manager 
  • Issufy -  Global IPO distribution platform
  • Lloyds Bank - Align branch, online and phone customer experience
  • Nextday - A property firm that pays you if they can't sell your prop in 90 days
  • Nivaura - Lifecycle management of debt securities
  • Otonomos - Incorporate fully online in SG, HK and UK
  • Oval - App to build up savings by putting aside small amounts of money
  • SETL - Setup a blockchain settlement system within minutes
  • Tradle - Identity management that uses blockchain, master and subkeys
  • Tramonex - Smart contracts for donations to charity (mitigates leakages)
  • Swave - Save a bit everytime you spend
Firms can apply to be part of the second sandbox cohort from 21 November 2016. The application period will close on 19 January 2017. The application form, instructions on how to apply and some lessons learnt from the first cohort are available here.