MeetTaipei2016: Startup & Innovation Carnival

When: Thu, Nov 17 – Sat, Nov 19, 2016
Where: Expo Park, Taipei City, Taiwan
Admission: TWD 2000 [ USD 63 | MYR 270 ]
Info: Event | AgendaTickets | Venue

Follow international trends, understand competition, learn success, avoid failure. Get knowledge of the market, marketing, capital injection. Catch key technology, change the world, solve the pain point of consumers. Dream innovation, encourage new ideas, invest in the next generation. A small sample of activities and presentations:

Startups (Hardware)

Startups (Software)

  • The Power of Interdisciplinary Technology
  • GPU Innovation, AI Revolution
  • Share Economy with innovation of IoV
  • The World with Social Responsibility
  • The French Innovation Metropolis
  • The IoT Valley: Toulouse
  • French Technology in the Alps
  • Global War for Taiwan Warriors

Ambidio: Add depth to audio using 3D sound clues (turn up the volume for best effect)

Oftes: Spiral drip coffee maker

Loopd: Smart Event Badge